Fan Coil Unit(FCU)

Dehumidification is achieved by cooling air with an air-cooled chiller. The reheat system can then lower the relative humidity. Proprietary chiller control technology enables a stable, low-humidity air supply.

FCU Basic Principles

Reheat System

When cooled by cooling coils, air has a high relative humidity (≥ 95 % RH in summer). The relative humidity can be lowered by heating the air with reheat equipment. We have a lineup of three types of fan coil units with different reheat methods. You can choose from the most suitable specifications.

Basic Model PWT-type energy-saving model Direct expansion energy-saving model
Reheat Equipment Electric heater *1 Aluminum Plate Sensible
Heat Exchanger PWT®
Direct expansion coil
(Heat pump system)

*1. Steam and hot water utilities are also available.