Our goal is to shift the way we work from work-life balance (appropriate harmony between work and private life) to work-life synergy (maximization of synergies between work and private life).

To create work-life synergy, we support original work styles.

In order to support ways of working that transcend restrictions on working hours and work location and allow employees to perform better, we have introduced reduced working hours (for reasons such as childcare, nursing care, and health issues; no limit on the age of the child) and teleworking.
We revised our teleworking system in 2023 to allow employees other than those registered under the system to telework at any time. Depending on the type of work, we encourage a hybrid work style that combines coming to the office and teleworking.

Once a year, we encourage Positive Time-off Leave that allows employees to take five consecutive days of paid leave, thereby providing them with nine consecutive holidays. With this leave, employees are expected to gain enriching experiences outside of the workplace and to visualize and streamline operations through the handover of their duties before taking leave.

Other unique types of leave are provided for life events, such as childcare leave for employees whose spouses have given birth and long-service leave granted every 10 years to employees who have worked for the company for 10 consecutive years or longer.

We support employees engaging in informal organized activities, including club activities, with the aim of deepening cooperation among employees who share the same interests and backgrounds outside of work.

We place the highest priority on the occupational health and safety of all parties involved in our business and ensure a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment.
The Health and Safety Committees at each business site share health and safety initiatives, which are employed throughout the entire company, and they present annual awards for outstanding business sites to raise awareness of health and safety.
We continue our ongoing efforts to improve occupational health and safety standards in the workplace.

We believe that the physical and mental health of our employees is the source of our corporate value.
To achieve health management, Seibu Giken engages in the following initiatives.
For employees who have worked long hours, we have established a system that enables them to optionally consult with an occupational physician, even if they have worked less than the standard hours covered by law, to ensure that signs of physical or mental conditions brought about by long working hours are not overlooked.
To help employees maintain their physical and mental health on a daily basis, we encourage them to undergo health checkups and stress checks, and we also provide incentives for employees who declare that they will quit smoking or undertake other health promotion measures for achieving said measures. In this way, we engage in activities on a company-wide basis to raise our employees’ awareness of health.

We have been operating the Hanikamu Daycare, an in-house childcare facility, since 2018.
Our goal is not only to provide a welfare program for our employees, but also to support local residents in balancing work and childcare to create bright futures for the children in the community.
We will strive to create an enriching childcare environment that places top priority on safety and peace of mind.

The name “Hanikamu (honeycomb)” refers to the beehive structure that forms the basis of Seibu Giken’s products. We also chose this name to embody our desire to create a place filled with children’s coy (hanikamu in Japanese) smiles.

To pass on to the next generation the literacy and respect for science, technology, and culture of our founders Toshimi Kuma and second president Chieko Kuma, we established the Kuma Science Engineering and Culture Promotional Foundation and donate funds for its operation.