Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our company

Where can I find out more about Seibu Giken’s services?

You can find information on the Business and Products page of this website. In response to customer requests, we have provided the following Product List page.

Where can I find the location of your different business offices?

A. Information about our different business offices can be found on the “Business Office ”.

Questions about our products

Am I able to request an estimate? I would also like to know the prices, transaction terms, etc.

We will review the content of your request and have our business offices provide you with an estimate. Please contact the business office nearest you for more details.

Can I take a factory tour?

Factory tours can be arranged for those who are considering our products. Please contact the business office nearest you for more details.

What sort of repairs, exchanges and after-sales services do you offer?

We provide thorough product maintenance and after-sales services. For information about our services, please use the “After-sales Service” product information feature.

Questions about recruitment

Where can I find your recruitment information?

Please see our “Recruitment Information” page.

Can I visit your company?

A. You will be given a tour of the company during the recruitment process. Please contact us for further details.

IR Information

Where can I find information for investors?

Please see our “IR Information” page. You can also find answers to frequently asked IR-related questions on the IR Information page.
IR Information
IR Information – FAQ

If there is anything else you would like clarification or have questions about, please contact us using the form below.
One of our representatives will get back to you within two business days.

To contact us by phone, please call the number of the Seibu Giken business office nearest you.
(Hours 9:00-17:00 excluding Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and year-end and New Year’s)