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Management System

We are ISO 9001 certified. This has allowed us to raise employee awareness of quality assurance and maintain a quality management system that enables us to deliver products and services to satisfy our customers. In addition, the Quality Assurance Department independent of the Production Division remains neutral with respect to quality management functions. Through this quality management system, we are working on the quality improvement.

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Applicable Standards ISO9001 : 2015
Accreditation Agency Japan Accreditation Board (JAB)
Examination and registration organization JSA Solutions Co., Ltd.
Initial registration date January 17, 2022
Registration number JSAQ2942
Scope of registration Design, development, manufacturing, installation, construction and after-sales services of enthalpy wheels, Desiccant dehumidifiers, VOC Concentrators, Dry rooms, Honeycomb filters, etc.

Quality Assurance Policy

With the quality policy in place, the Seibu Giken Group controls and ensures the quality of all our products and services.

1. Conformity to requirements

We strive to understand our customers’ quality requirements and ensure to be compliant with the laws and regulations related to our business activities in order to meet our customers’ expectations.

2. Continuous improvement of the efficiencies of quality management system

We pay attention to the effectiveness and efficiencies of quality management system and monitor the outcomes of our improvement activities on a regular basis in the quality management meetings.

3. Setting clear goals

We set company-wide quality targets in relation to management KPIs, and each department sets the targets based on the following quality indicators:

  1. ① To improve customer satisfaction
  2. ② To reduce cost and sustain the adequate marginal profit
  3. ③ To reduce claims and in-process nonconformities

In order to achieve the above goals, we analyze the gap between the current situation and the desired state, clarify issues, and execute activities for improvement.

4. Developing quality awareness

All employees pursue "manufacturing only good quality of products" and develop people who makes the next process in production easier and better.