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Cleanroom-compatible Outdoor Air Handling Unit

As semiconductors advance to sub-micron processes, maintaining cleanliness is becoming increasingly important for semiconductor manufacturing and equipment and materials manufacturers. We contribute to the competitiveness of our customers’ businesses by providing an optimal environment in which not only cleanliness but also temperature and moisture concentration are precisely controlled.

Ozone Decomposition Filter

Ozone decomposition filters detoxify ozone generated by plasma cleaning.

Reduction of initial and running costs for VOC treatment equipment

Each facility’s volume of VOCs generated in manufacturing is legally limited to prevent air pollution. If the VOCs contained in the exhaust gas are low in concentration, combustion in a combustion device would require exceptionally large facilities and incur huge running costs.

Therefore, it is possible to downsize the combustion equipment by concentrating the exhaust gas with a VOC concentrator. In addition, the high exhaust gas concentration also reduces running costs and decreases annual CO2 emissions.