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ISO Class 1 compliant: We propose optimal clean spaces through airflow simulation technology.

In recent years, the need for precise cleanliness control has increased across various fields, including advanced devices, materials, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverages, all in the pursuit of quality. Focusing on the influence of internal process equipment on cleanliness, we utilize our simulation technology and extensive design knowledge to create clean spaces that maintain the required level of cleanliness, even during equipment in operation.

Total Solution Proposal

1. Elucidating the causes of contamination through simulation

We conduct interviews to understand your required level of cleanliness and any existing issues. If it is an existing environment, we will check the site, as necessary. Then, airflow design guidelines will be reviewed and shared.

2. Prediction of contamination risks and causes by simulation and countermeasures

Through fluid analysis of the existing space under specific equipment and device installation conditions, we identify factors contributing to reduced cleanliness. We then meticulously design for optimal airflow patterns.

3. Verification of details by actual measurement

We use anemometers, particle counters, and vapor and particle visualization systems to measure the on-site airflow and visualize particles.

4. Verification and Improvement

Should any issues arise post-verification and improvement, we offer consultation services, including data analysis, fluid analysis, measurement implementation, and tailored improvement plans and proposals.