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We provide optimal dry space with the know-how as a dehumidifier manufacturer.
Dew point temperature : -10 °C to -90 °C

A wide variety of advanced technology fields require moisture concentration control, and the optimal moisture concentration and space size vary depending on the manufacturing process and materials used. Moisture in the air acts as an inhibiting substance in the manufacturing processes of lithium-ion secondary batteries and organic EL displays. Therefore, research, development, and production are conducted in dry rooms with moisture removed.

As a dehumidifier manufacturer, we offer optimal dew point temperature control, backed by our comprehensive expertise from producing the core rotors to machine design and manufacturing. Our dry technology enables dew points as low as -90 °C DP and a concentration of 1 ppm or less, challenging metrics for conventional dehumidifiers to meet. We provide specialized environments tailored to your needs, including dry rooms for mass production, booths for manufacturing equipment, and gloveboxes for research applications.

You can also rely on us to build energy-saving systems that significantly reduce running costs while maintaining high performance.