Dry Air Glovebox
Desi-cube Series

For Research and Development Requiring Dry Environments

The Desi-cube Series does not use inert gas and utilizes a dehumidifier rotor to create a low dew point environment.
Please choose from our product lineup based on the required dew point temperature.

Comparison Table

Model Desi-Cube Desi-cube Lite Desi-cube mini
High-performance model Standard model Compact model
Number of users 2 4 1
Box size (Internal dimensions) L 700×W 200×H 900 mm L 900×W 200×H 900 mm L 900×W 560×H 530 mm
Box material SUS304 SS + coating Acrylic
Dew point temperature inside the box -80 °C DP -60 °C DP -40 °C DP
Power supply 200 V 200 V 100 V


Custom-made products are available to suit your research environment.。
Please consult us if suitable unit is not available within our product lineup.


Please feel free to use this service for considerations of introduction, research and development, etc.
Duration is available upon request.

In case of urgent requirement of the equipment, rental unit can be used while waiting for the delivery.