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The dry booth provides an ultra-low dew point environment that is hard to achieve in standard dry rooms.

An environment with temperatures below -60 °C DP is created by additional enclosure of the production equipment within the dry room.


1. An environment with an ultra-low dew point of -60 °C or less.

2. Custom-designed to suit internal equipment

3. Equipped with hydrogen sulfide (H2S) safety system for all-solid-state batteries


Item Specifications
Supply dew point temperature -90 °C DP to -60 °C DP
Indoor dew point temperature -60 °C DP max.
Material properties Steel and SUS
Sensors Hydrogen sulfide, dew point, temperature, and pressure
Windows Glass, PVC, UV-cut, etc.
Gloves (optional) Butyl rubber, silicon rubber

System Overview

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Application Examples

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Liquid lithium-ion batteries
  • Capacitors
  • Research facilities and production lab lines of all-solid-state batteries
  • Research, development, and manufacturing processes for OLEDs, etc.