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Rotary Total Heat Exchangers—Highly Popular in Japan

Total heat exchangers are energy-saving devices that capture and recover energy lost through ventilation, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.
The development of the world’s first ion adsorption total heat exchanger, HI-PANEX-ION®, prevents odor migration.


1. Odor migration prevention function

We have adopted the world’s first ion-exchange resin polymer as an adsorbent for total heat exchange rotors, which has a lower tendency to absorb odors.
Odor migration and accumulation are minimized.
It also employs antibacterial and antifungal agents to supply clean air.

2. Obtained an evaluation certificate for mechanical equipment and materials from the Public Buildings Association.

Certified as a standard material and equipment commonly used in maintenance and repair work.

Reduced CO2 emissions due to superior energy savings

Total heat exchangers capture and reuse the energy lost through ventilation in the heating and cooling of buildings, hospitals, and factories.

Operating principles

Energy-saving effect

During cooling in the summer, hot outside air is cooled by the heat exchanger before being introduced into the room.

During heating in the winter, cold outside air is warmed by the heat exchanger before being introduced into the room.

The energy consumption of air conditioners is reduced, contributing to energy savings.