Aluminum Plate Sensible Heat Exchanger PWT®  ECO Unit

The PWT®  ECO Unit is suitable for the sensible heat recovery from both general air conditioning and industrial waste heat containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), specifically for waste heat below 200 °C.


1. Applicable to exhaust gas containing VOCs

2. The corrosion-resistant coating on the element surface provides a rust-preventing effect

3. Supports exhaust heat of up to 200 °C

4. Easy maintenance

5. EUROVENT standard leakage rate compliant (pressure drop of 200 Pa; leakage of 0.1 % or less of air volume)

Equipment Overview

Comparison of energy-saving effects

Specification Table

Standard Large size High-temperature exhaust
Non-silicone specification
Operating temperature range -15 °C to 90 °C -15 °C to 90 °C -15 °C to 200 °C
Air volume 500 to 20,000 m3/h 20,000 to 100,000 m3/h 500 to 3000 m3/h
Element corrosion-resistant coating Epoxy resin (both sides) Epoxy resin (both sides) None
Element material 99 % pure aluminum 99 % pure aluminum 99 % pure aluminum
Allowable pressure difference 1500 Pa 1500 Pa 1500 Pa

Application Examples

  • Recovery of general air conditioning waste heat from buildings, etc.
  • Recovery of industrial waste heat from plants, etc.