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Energy-saving measures using total heat exchangers and outdoor air handling units

The concept of ZEB has become essential for modern buildings, and energy-saving measures are important. In building air conditioning, simply letting outside air in through ventilation means letting in hot, humid air in the summer or cold air in the winter as it is, and the air conditioning energy required to make the interior comfortable becomes exceptionally large. Ventilation with outside air through a total heat exchanger can recover and reuse cool and warm air in the building, thereby reducing the increase in air conditioning energy due to ventilation.

*What is ZEB?
Abbreviation for Net Zero Energy Building
A ZEB is designed to minimize the building’s overall energy consumption, which is achieved through using highly-insulated walls and windows, low-energy-consuming devices, and supplementing any remaining energy needs with renewable sources like solar power.

Odor Control in Restaurants

At a restaurant in a building complex, odors generated in the kitchen are discharged through a deodorizing filter when discharged outside, preventing the spread of odors and maintaining a comfortable space. Our multifunctional filter, HONEY-SAVE, is the base material for this deodorizing filter. Adding a deodorizing catalyst to HONEY-SAVE contributes to providing a comfortable space with fewer odors.