Application Examples


Introduced products : HONEY-SAVE / Deodorization Filters

In restaurants, odors generated in the kitchen are discharged through a deodorizing filter when discharged outside, preventing the spread of odors and maintaining a comfortable space. HONEY-SAVE is used as the base material for these deodorization filters. By adding a deodorizing catalyst to HONEY-SAVE, we contribute to create an odorless, comfortable space.


1. High water-absorbing capacity

The filter carrier we developed uses an inorganic fiber paper with high water absorption.
This allows us to carry a greater amount of deodorizing functional materials.

2. Heat resistance

The base is made of inorganic fibers, making it suitable for use in kitchens that require heat resistance.

Ozone Decomposition

Introduced products : SCC / SCA Series

It is possible to detoxify and discharge ozone generated in various places and from various causes, such as plasma cleaning, which is one of the semiconductor cleaning methods, sterilization of food and medical instruments, EB irradiation, and corona discharge during printing.


1. Grade selection is available

Ozone treatment is required in various fields, such as corona discharge, semiconductor cleaning, water treatment, and electron beam irradiation. If you can provide conditions like concentration and air volume, we can suggest products that suit your needs.

2. UL V-0-certified products

Our product line-up has acquired UL certification, ensuring no risk of combustion or explosion due to ozone.

Airflow rectifying grid

Introduced products : PP-rectifying Grid Honeycomb

In the food department of supermarkets, multifunctional filters with rectifying grids are used at the air outlets of open showcases.They function as air curtains, preventing condensation on food products and contributing to energy efficiency in the showcases.


1. Prevention of food condensation

The effect of the air curtain inhibits high-temperature and high-humidity air from contacting the food, contributing to the prevention of food condensation.

2. Improving the shopping environment

By preventing the loss of cold air, it helps to save energy in cooling the display case and resolves the issue of “cold aisles”*.

*Cold Aisle: Cold Air Pooling
In supermarkets and similar venues, the leakage of cold air from open display cases leads to cold air pooling in the surrounding areas. The cold pooling at the feet can make customers uncomfortable, potentially reducing the time they spend shopping.

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