Looking for honeycomb materials ?

Our honeycomb filters use a specially developed paper for efficient adsorption and catalyst support.

HONEY-SAVE (Carrier)

A carrier is a material that serves as a base for adsorbents or catalysts and demonstrates adsorption or catalytic activity. The carrier has the following features:
・Made of inorganic fiber material
・High water-absorbing capacity
・Heat-resistant up to 400°C
We can offer the carrier alone or with functional materials already applied upon request.
Why not try applying your functional material to HONEY-SAVE?

Order Process

Please let us know your desired product specifications (per the chart below) and the necessary quantity through Contact.
We will get back to you with a response and a quote.

Shape* Rectangular Rotary
Size Length: 10 to 600 mm
Height: 10 to 300 mm
Thickness: 5 to 350 mm
Outer diameter: Up to 350 mm
Thickness: Up to 350 mm
Heat resistance 200 °C or 400 °C
Cell count 40 , 60 , 80 , 120 , 200 , 350 , and 450 cells
Lateral reinforcement Yes or no