Honeycomb Structure / Filter Development

For any interest in honeycomb structure / filter development

The possibilities are limitless through integration with materials.
With our superior processing techniques, we can materialize various needs.

Tailored solutions according to your needs

  • Features of honeycomb structures
    Due to its low-pressure drop characteristics and high gas contact efficiency, honeycomb structures can be applied in various scenes in air treatment.
  • Support process
    Functional materials like catalysts and adsorbents are embedded in HONEY-SAVE, providing functionalities.
  • Proposals for functional materials and processing
    We will provide material suggestions tailored to your needs, including intended use (e.g., deodorization) and required functionalities (e.g., heat resistance, water resistance, high strength).

Order Process

We can accommodate even a single prototype.

Prototyping services are available. Please feel free to reach out to us.

  • Order Process

  • Initial meeting

  • Prototype production

  • Customer’s evaluation

  • Mass production