Honeycombing of paper and sheet materials

For those who have paper and sheet material

We have a track record of processing various materials.
If you can provide a sample sheet, we can evaluate the processing feasibility and help select the appropriate adhesive.

Versatile material compatible

Examples of processed materials

  • Inorganic fiber and glass fiber paper
  • Flame-retardant paper
  • Activated carbon paper
  • Nonwoven fabric and felt
  • Plastic paper
  • Aluminum sheet

Cell Size Lineup

About cell size

P : Pitch
H : Cell height
Cell count: The number of cells (holes) per square inch
* 1 inch = 2.54 cm

Examples of process shapes

Three types of shapes

Depending on the application and installation location, processing into three types of shape is available.
Please contact us for custom processing sizes.