Products & SolutionsSolvent Recovery System

Recovery of organic solvents contained in dryer exhaust from lithium-ion battery / electrode formation processes

Solvent recovery uses a method in which exhaust gas is cooled, condensed, and recovered as a liquid.
The condensed recovered liquid is more stable, lowering the purification load for recycling.

Compatible solvents : NMP, Butyl butyrate.
For other solvents, please consult us.


1. Circulating energy-saving system

2. Low exhaust emissions: Complies with European regulations (1 mg/Nm3)

3. Safety design (explosion-proof specifications)

4. CE/UL compliant

System Overview

  • A heat exchanger recovers heat from the coater’s exhaust to reduce the coater’s energy consumption.
  • After cooling recovery, the residual solvent in exhaust gas is recovered by a volatile organic compound (VOC) concentrator and can be released into the atmosphere at a low concentration.

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