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Efficient treatment of VOCs allows for smaller system design, and supports economic development in terms of both environmental conservation and energy conservation.

For many years, air pollution has been a global issue. There are various causes of air pollution.
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) is one of these causes, which may generate Suspended Particulate Matters (SPM) and photochemical oxidants. Many VOCs such as benzene and toluene are emitted during painting processes, and from printing factories. They have an impact on employees’ health, and cause complaints from neighbors about bad odors. Emissions of VOCs are not only regulated in many countries but, also they have an impact on employees’ health, and cause complaints from neighbors about bad odors.

Due to utilizing of honeycomb and sorption technologies, Seibu Giken has successfully commercialized VOC concentration rotor with hydrophobic zeolite in 1988. The product has helped improve working environments and deodorizing, and its performance is highly rated.

Product Lineup

VOC concentrator cassette unit SKY-SAVE® C

This is environmental conservation equipment designed to selectively adsorb harmful VOCs and emit purified air. By treating a large volume, low concentration exhaust into a smaller, highly concentrated VOC laden gas, the oxidizer can be smaller, and both the capital and operating costs of the entire system can be reduced.

VOC concentrator cassette unit SKY-SAVE®

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VOC abatement system SKY-SAVE® S

A combination of a concentrator and an oxidizer makes a VOC abatement system efficient. This results in a smaller oxidizer and drastically reduces operating costs. By being equipped with an incombustible concentrator rotor, self combustion control as well as automatic stop functions, safety is well ensured.

VOC abatement system SKY-SAVE® S



We recommend that periodic maintenance is performed to maintain stable performance and prevent problems from occurring. We also make proposals for the scheduling of replacement and repair as needed.


Rotor replacement service

Replacement of rotors

We offer separate-type rotors for places where delivery is difficult. We are happy to replace products from other manufacturers*. Please feel free to contact us.
* To replace products from other manufacturers, we need to conduct an on-site survey.

Rotor sampling and deterioration investigation

We obtain a sample by gouging out part of a rotor component. We then examine the cause of deterioration in performance, and check moisture adsorption.


Please feel free to contact us for any information not mentioned above.

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