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The product is designed to recover NMP from the dryer exhaust produced during the process of manufacturing lithium-ion battery electrodes.

In rechargeable battery factories, a large amount of NMP is used. Since NMP-laden dryer exhaust emitted into the air may cause air pollution, the NMP must be removed from the exhaust. In addition, NMP is an expensive solvent, and the recovery and recycling of NMP lead to a reduction of running costs.

NMP has a high boiling point and a low vapor pressure at room temperature. Highly concentrated NMP can easily be condensed by cooling down to or below room temperature. Utilizing these properties, NMP is recovered by cooling.


Product Lineup

NMP Recovery System SKY-SAVE® (zeolite low temperature desorption)

The zeolite concentrator rotor element is completely inorganic and incombustible. Therefore, compared to activated carbon concentrator elements, it has a considerably low risk of combustion, and a high level of safety. We can offer energy-saving flows, and related dry rooms. Please contact us for details.

For dry rooms, please see the following.



We recommend that periodic maintenance is performed to maintain stable performance and prevent problems from occurring. We also make proposals for the scheduling of replacement and repair, as needed.


Rotor replacement service

Replacement of rotors

We offer separate-type rotors for places where delivery is difficult. We are happy to replace products from other manufacturers*. Please feel free to contact us.
* To replace products from other manufacturers, we need to conduct an on-site survey.

Rotor sampling and deterioration investigation

We obtain a sample by gouging out part of a rotor component. We then, examine the cause of deterioration in performance, and check moisture adsorption.


Please feel free to contact us for any information not mentioned above.

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