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What kind of air environment do our customers need?
We make proposals based on our experience and past results, and by adopting a creative approach.

Our company has gained unique, extensive knowledge of control air quality. Since we provide the entire service: the development of materials and functional agents used in rotors, design and production of our own equipment, and carry out on-site installation, we are able to approach every situation, and solve any problem. The Desi-Cube ® was developed as a solution for demands such as “to create the same environment in the production site as the research and development site,” and “to maintain stable humidity in larger spaces.” and has been very favorably received.

Product Lineup

Super low dew point air glove box Desi-Cube ®

The product is designed to create a super low dew point environment without using inert gases, but by utilizing a desiccant rotor.
This technology controls moisture concentration, and produces different dry environments with a single unit. By enabling you to conduct research and development in conditions similar to a production environment, it is easier to put products into mass production, and realizes upsizing easily and cheaply.


Inert gas exchange glove box N-Cube

We offer an inert gas exchange-type product to create an environment where the removal of not only water, but oxygen, is needed.
The product has been primarily used in applications such as OLED, PLED and OPV manufacturing processes, which requires the removal of moisture, oxygen and dust. Since this is a product we designed, we can provide a flexible arrangement such as the supply to a local area by surrounding a coater or any other equipment.


Low dew point air glove box Desi-Cube ® mini

To satisfy the need to conduct testing more affordably in a dry room environment which has conventionally been considered expensive, we integrated our dehumidification technologies into a compact setting, and commercialized a desk-top size simple low dew point air glove box. No special facility construction is required, and it is easy to operate and use. The product has many adjustment controls, and enables the customer to easily conduct testing in dry environments.

Desi-Cube mini



We offer periodic maintenance, and the product delivers solid performance for a long period of time. We also make proposals as needed by creating a maintenance inspection list and a maintenance schedule, taking into consideration the operating hours of the actual product and the scheduling of replacements and recovery.


Equipment rental service

This service allows customers to use an actual product for a certain period of time.

Rotor replacement service

Replacement of rotors

We offer separate-type rotors for places where delivery is difficult. We are happy to replace products from other manufacturers*. Please feel free to contact us.
* To replace products from other manufacturers, we need to conduct an on-site survey.

Rotor sampling and deterioration investigation

We obtain a sample by gouging out part of a rotor component. We then, examine the cause of deterioration in performance, and check moisture adsorption.

Expansion and replacement construction

We accept a wide variety of orders including parts replacement and the enlargement of existing equipment.

Measurement of temperature, humidity and airflow

Temperature and humidity conditions of the equipment to be dehumidified are checked. Temperature, humidity and airflow at the inlet and outlet of the dehumidifier are also measured to assess dehumidification performance. We can decide whether to calibrate the installed thermometer and hygrometer.


Please feel free to contact us for any information not mentioned above.

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