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This product uses the world’s first ion adsorption technology to reduce odor transfer, and as waste heat recovery equipment, achieves high heat exchange efficiency and improvement of indoor air quality (IAQ).

An enthalpy wheel is energy-saving equipment designed to recycle energy lost through ventilation. Our company developed the world’s first ion adsorption enthalpy wheel, the GREEN-SAVE® (HI-PANEX-ION®), in 1998. The product prevents odor transfer, and helps reduce carbon dioxide due to high energy efficiency. It also dramatically improves IAQ by using a combination of polymer desiccant, antibacterial agent and fungicide.

Product Lineup

Enthalpy and sensible heat exchange cassette

The product has an environmentally friendly casing structure, without coating or welding. Compared with conventional products, its size is slimmed down, and its lead time is shorter. Upsizing and a variety of options are available. In 2009, we obtained an evaluation document from the Public Buildings Association.



When the enthalpy rotor is clogged with dust or other obstructions, various problems arise, such as an increase in workload on the air conditioning system, and, subsequently, a larger electric bill. We recommend that periodic maintenance is performed to prevent problems from occurring and to prolong the life of the equipment. We also make proposals for the scheduling of replacement and recovery, as needed.

Rotor replacement service

Replacement of rotors

Since we have made proposals for the new adoption and replacement associated with the recovery of air conditioning facilities, we have a proven track record in this field. We offer separate-type rotors for places where delivery is difficult. We are happy to replace products from other manufacturers*. Please feel free to contact us.
* To replace products from other manufacturers, we need to conduct an on-site survey.


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