Quality and Environmental Policy


Quality Policy

1. Conformity to requirements

We promote activities to meet statutory, regulatory and customer quality requirements applicable to business activities.

2. Continual improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system

In our management review, we determine whether the system is effectively and efficiently implemented, identify needed improvements, and then confirm the implementation of such improvements.

3. Establishment of quality objectives

We establish company-wide quality objectives, and each department establishes department objectives based on the following quality parameters:

1. Improvement of customer satisfaction
2. Reduction of customer complaints
3. Reduction of in-process defect rate

4. Communicating to all employees

Cards displaying quality policy will be distributed to all employees, and the quality policy will be thoroughly communicated during a morning assembly, and at other times, in order to enhance and raise awareness.

Environmental Policy

SEIBU GIKEN CO., LTD. contributes to the reduction of environmental loads at a global level by providing economically rational solutions in the environmental conservation and energy-saving fields.

1. Social contribution

We are aware that our products greatly contribute to the reduction of environmental loads at a global level, and work on developing, promoting and expanding sales of earth-friendly and attractive products.

2. Maintenance of environmental management system

For environmental conservation, we work on the continual improvement of the system, and the prevention of environmental pollution.

3. Compliance to laws and regulations on environment

We comply with laws, ordinances and agreements on the environment.

4. Establishment and improvement of environmental objectives

We determine environmental aims and objectives, review their results, and work on the improvement of factors that have an external impact on the environment, in reducing our products’ environmental loads and production activities.

December 20, 2004

Environmental Activities

Environmental conservation activities by marketing our environmental equipment.

By using our environmental equipment (last fiscal year’s sales), carbon (C) and toluene emissions will be reduced as follows:

Carbon (C)

About 13.9 Tokyo Domes (about 12.47 million m3) [by using enthalpy wheels and sensible wheels].


About 8.7 Tokyo Domes (about 7.8 million m3) [by using VOC concentrator removers].

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